Cert CII Virtual


Certificate in Insurance CII Qualification

LOCATION: Andover or In-House

PRICE: £1070+Vat

DURATION: Fast Track - Only 12 Days

The virtual classroom is a Cert CII distance course, delivered using weekly LIVE on-line interactive tutor sessions alongside a schedule of self-study.

The Wiser Academy’s Virtual Classroom is a new way for us to bring you many of the benefits of our face-to-face training without the logistical issues and associated costs of leaving the office.

The course combines supported self-study using our e-learning platform and weekly live interactive 2 hour workshops delivered on-line by our expert trainers.

The system is simple and easy to use and can be broadcast to a host of communication devices including PC's, Macs, laptops, Conferencing Equipment, Tablets and Smartphone’s. You can connect to the training’s audio by dialling into the conference call number provided once you register or via your computer speakers and microphone.

Using this new learning platform Wiser Academy will get delegates through their Cert CII in 12 months.

  • Each week Wiser Academy trainers will deliver a 2 hour interactive live workshop on-line covering all of the material as well as giving feedback on the quiz questions.
    Delegates will be able to raise questions to ensure all aspects of the materials are fully understood before moving on to the next week’s chapter.

  • The delegate will be required to read a set amount of study texts each week using our e-learning platform.

  • This will be repeated each week until the whole module has been covered.

  • Following completion of the set weekly reading materials delegates will complete a small number of multiple choice questions to confirm their understanding and to prepare them for the format of the final exam.

  • Half way through the module (e.g. week 9 of the IF1) delegates will complete a mock exam for the chapters already covered to consolidate their learning to date.

  • For any delegates that are unable to participate in the on-line live workshop a recording will be available for them to download and watch in their own time.

  • Once the first module exam (IF1) has been passed the process will be repeated for the remaining two modules.

  • Depending on the results of the mock exam delegates will then have the option to book the final exam at their local CII centre or if they want additional support can come to the Wiser Academy for a revision workshop.

Cost effective
The training fee is all it costs you – no travel or accommodation costs are incurred

You can attend a webinar in your office or at home at your own convenience. Using a computer headset you can keep your webinar quiet without disturbing others around you.

Structured and Engaging
Self-study models can be isolating and learners can often ‘drift’ from their original learning plan, meaning they can take years to complete or often drop out entirely. Our model ensures learners stay on track and that their self-study is consolidated through use of the virtual classroom.

Time effective
The webinar takes only 2 hours of your time each week. You do not have to worry about travelling and taking a significant amount of time away from the office and yet you still receive the same learning outcomes as regular training workshops.

The on-line workshops allow two way communications between the trainer and the delegates, so they can ask questions and discuss any elements of the content they want additional support with.

Easy to use
All you need is a computer with high speed Internet connection and a computer headset with a high quality microphone or a phone. Click on the link in the invitation email to join the workshop. It couldn’t be easier.

Access to the recorded workshop
All of the workshop sessions will be recorded and posted online for later access. Learners unable to attend the live session or who simply want to watch them again whilst revising for the final exam can do so.

Preparation for the exam
The quizzes, half-way mock and full mock exam allow learners (and their managers) to have a clear picture of exactly how they are performing and how ready they are to move on with their studies to take the final exams.

There are a number of benefits in choosing to use the Academy:

  • Our Cert CII training programmes have unmatched success rates with over 98% of learners passing their exams first time.
  • Discounts available for group or multiple bookings
  • Once you have booked a course with Wiser Academy we will not cancel it even if we are faced with training only one candidate.
If you need to cancel any training with Wiser Academy we will not charge a cancellation fee, instead we will work with you to re-schedule the course

Registration Form - Virtual Class Room - Cert CII

Fees & How to Apply?

The full Cert CII virtual classroom course is just £1070 + VAT. This price includes....

1.       45 X2 Hour Virtual Classroom Sessions

2.       Full Access to the E-learning platform

3.       Access to recordings of all the live workshops

 Individual Cert CII modules can be purchased at £500 + VAT each

Delegates on our Virtual Classroom course are eligible to a 50% discount off any of our Cert CII revision workshops should they want to come to the Academy for their exam.

CII Exam fees are charged in addition if you choose to come to the Wiser Academy to sit them - £106 per exam for CII members, £147 per exam for non-members.