Account Executive Academy

Reimagine Success with the Account Executive Academy

Crafting high calibre new generation insurance account executives & sales professionals

In today ' s competitive business landscape, the ability to close deals and forge lasting client relationships at the highest levels are not merely skills but a new world mindset.

Account Executive Academy is a training course that is meticulously crafted to empower both seasoned veterans and newcomers in the world of insurance to catapult their performance, amplify their business objectives, and propel individual careers to new heights.

  • What will participants learn

    Workplace Conduct, Attitude & Growth Mind-set

    This is a programme shaped by insights from industry leaders who unanimously emphasised that a fundamental cornerstone of our program should revolve around nurturing exemplary workplace conduct and fostering an unwavering commitment to grit, determination, and a growth mind-set. 

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  • What will participants learn

    Sales & Business Growth Skills

    Equipping participants with the understanding of client relationships and a fresh approach to sales is essential, as underscored by industry leaders. At the heart of our program lies a dedication to ' selling through service, ' placing genuine customer service at the forefront.

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  • What will participants learn?

    Entrepreneurial Spirit, Commercial & Financial Acumen

    In response to the resounding call from industry leaders, we 've embarked on a mission to cultivate the entrepreneurial spirit as the key to elevating a high-performance mindset and aligning executives with critical business objectives. 

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  • A unique approach

    Residential Retreat 

    Learners will rejuvenate their spirits, rekindle their creativity, and recharge their professional drive at our residential retreat for skill development part of the programme. This power-packed event will allow learners to enjoy an unforgettable two days away from the everyday grind.

    ~ Discovery workshops

    ~ Inspirational key note 

    ~ Strategy Sessions 

    ~ Evening fire side chats and networking 

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