Graduation ceremony
Posted on Mon, 14/03/2022

My Wiser Academy grad programme experience

Starting as a recent college leaver or university graduate, you will find that many companies want experience, even for entry-level positions. You know that you have the attitude and some of the knowledge to break into an industry but aren’t being given the opportunity to do so.

For an employer, they may recognise the attitude it has taken to get your A-Levels or even your degree but not know whether you are ready for the workplace and be nervous about taking a chance on you.

The solution then is clear – A blend of the professional qualifications plus the skills and behaviours necessary to excel in the workplace!

As a graduate of the BA Hons Insurance degree, I have first-hand experience of this. I left college at 18, confident that the traditional university path wasn’t for me but wanting to continue learning and earning. Over a few years, I was allowed to study for an insurance degree at the same time as working full-time for a broker. My salary increased every year as I completed more of my study and leapt upon graduation to well above the average salary for my age.

The programme includes a varied mixture of units starting with basic insurance principles before discussing underwriting, broking, law, claims, risk management and marketing. Finally, learners can discuss contemporary insurance issues of their choice.

Working whilst doing the programme meant I could contextualise my knowledge to my workplace and make suggestions to colleagues and managers to help improve the business. This meant the mixture of study and work added value to my learning journey as well as my employer. I also developed my confidence in building relationships with my colleagues and customers and learned the behaviours and skills necessary to thrive in financial services.

At the end of the journey, I graduated and, having gained the experience and qualifications, was promoted to a management role within a few months of finishing university and began applying my knowledge, skills, and behaviours to helping the business. My peers, having done a variety of units, had found the areas that interested them best and went on to work in the roles that suited them and the business most so they could continue to add value.

Whilst my friends who had gone to uni had around £50,000 of student debt, I had very little debt, and working had allowed me to save towards a house deposit.

I would highly recommend the Wiser Graduates route.

Written by Stuart Hope-Bever BA (Hons) Degree in Insurance