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Posted on Tue, 23/05/2023

Exam Techniques for Better Results

Maintain answer consistency

It is advisable not to change your answer unless you are extremely confident, bearing in mind that even in such cases, there is still a possibility of being mistaken.


Effective approach to answer selection

  • Identify one option as an obviously incorrect choice.


  • Eliminate another option based on your knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.


  • Evaluate the remaining two options carefully.


  • Without looking at the options, attempt to answer the question first and then check if your can locate the answer in any of the provided options.


Utilise flagging technique and continue

  • Mark questions for later review and proceed with the rest of the exam.


  • Additional questions may offer hints or provide clarification for the flagged question.


Thoroughly read and analyse each question

  • Pay attention to questions that ask for the negative (e.g., "What is NOT...").


  • Consider all available options and select multiple correct answers if instructed to do so.


  • Look for keywords such as "AND" or "OR" in the question, as they may affect the answer.


  • Utilise any highlighting tools provided, if available.