Customer Testimonials:

 “I have never entered an exam feeling so prepared due to the quality of the training. I was surprised about the sheer volume of topics we covered in the 12 days, yet I never felt rushed and there was plenty of time to revisit areas I was unsure on. I would strongly recommend that anyone wishing to take their Cert CII goes through the Wiser Academy”  

Calum Stanley Cert CII, Bollington Insurance Brokers


"Please send my thanks to Colin, he was an excellent trainer and knew his stuff. The course was detailed and Colin made everything engaging and as interesting as an Insurance qualification can possibly be. I would certainly recommend to others the Be Wiser programme.” 

Dominic Taylor, Cert CII, Portmore Insurance


“Wiser Academy helped me greatly with the knowledge and exam techniques required to reach Diploma CII; their support was invaluable to me achieving my qualification” 

Max Thompson, Dip CII


“I honestly can’t thank the training team enough for helping me progress to Dip CII.  The structure of the programme and the classroom sessions were essential to my success.” 

Andrew Millard, Dip CII


‘Some very interesting insights into the sales process, something to think about on a daily basis. Extremely enjoyable, focused and with plenty of learner participation’ Thomas Jones,  Senior Area Development Manager,  H&H Insurance Brokers Ltd


‘A number of valuable new techniques were explored and a greater insight into the different types of potential client was attained. These will be very useful for the team when meting new prospects or preparing renewal reviews with existing clients’ Lee Sparrow, H&H Insurance Brokers Ltd


‘(the course) exceeded my expectations. Byron and Crescens kept thing moving nicely with lots of interactive discussion and relevant role playing exercises. The general consensus from the team was that the guys got it just about right’  

Philip Pagin, Dip CII, Sales Director (Rural), H&H Insurance Brokers Ltd


“To be honest went in with an open mind having done a number of courses like this over the years but this was refreshingly different” 

Carol Rickerby, H&H Insurance Brokers Ltd


“They made the days interesting for them and obviously imparted enough knowledge and assistance for them both to pass and qualify. They have both been extremely complimentary about everything so please pass on their, and our, thanks to all concerned”. 

Richard Garratt, Garratts Insurance, Congratulations Matt and James Cert CII


“The exam was talked about daily, which built the anticipation and encouraged me to revise each evening, which I wouldn’t have done if I was studying at home or in the workplace.” 

Marie Rogers Cert CII, Direct Group


“I just wanted to thank you all at Wiser for a fantastic few days with Craig recently. He is a fantastic trainer and I never thought I’d say this but I was actually quite sad to be leaving the training” 

Christopher Edwards Cert CII,  David Edwards Insurance Brokers


“I just wanted to email you thanking everyone from Be Wiser for helping me to pass my Insurance exams. The attitude and commitment to help us from all of the team could not be questioned. I would particularly like to pinpoint the help we received from Colin. As I expect you know, he was our main trainer over the two weeks. His instant impression was one of surprise and wonder. He turned out to be without doubt the best teacher I have ever had. I honestly can’t thank you all enough for making this possible and would certainly recommend you to all.”

Thomas Montague Cert CII, First Commercial Insurance Brokers


“Craig’s method of training was very effective and his incorporation of story telling helped us to remember a lot of key points. He was always willing to provide extra training and feedback throughout the course andhe was able to break down the content without us being overwhelmed” 

Lorna Welch, Cert CII, Training Manager, Crusader Assistance.


“I had a great time over the weeks that I visited, the staff made me feel welcome and the atmosphere was filled with friendly banter. All in all an excellent result in the exams and an enjoyable time with the trainers and surrounding staff. Thank you very much.” 

Matt Fisher, Cert CII, Bennett Christmas


“Colin was brilliant! He was fun, easy to talk to and very professional, I simply couldn't have asked for a better trainer!” 

Tim Hadaway, Cert CII, The A&A Group Ltd


“It was a genuine pleasure to meet a trainer who not only has an impressive depth and breadth of the material that they're presenting, but also manages to teach what is in all honesty a very dry subject in a lively entertaining manner. Can't thank Craig enough.” 

Justin price, Cert CII, The A&A Group Ltd


“Colin was absolutely brilliant.  When I didn’t have a clue he gave examples and scenarios to make me understand.  He had the whole group coming together and really got us going, we had banter going which motivated the group.  Really good trainer can’t say anything wrong about his training and when I felt like I couldn’t do it he would coach and motivate me - he is credit to Be Wiser” 

Claire Hicks, Cert CII, The A&A Group Ltd