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Welcome to the Wiser Academy, the first choice provider of professional qualifications and skills

training to the UK Insurance Industry.

All of our training has been specifically written for the insurance industry and has been tried, tested and perfected

within a broking environment so you can be sure working with us is a worthwhile investment in your staff and your company.

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The Wiser Academy was established in 2014, its key aim to become the training provider of choice for the UK insurance and wider financial sector. 

In an industry whereby human resources are an essential asset, training and development should be at the heart of every business. The Academy is passionate about encouraging businesses to invest in high quality learning and development support for their employees.

The Wiser Academy takes pride in the fact they are from the Insurance industry, they know exactly the challenges and demands faced by insurance companies and brokers and how the right training can make a positive impact.

We offer a selection of professional and personal development training courses, delivered by highly experienced trainers, across a number of key areas tailored exclusively for the insurance industry.

The training courses can be delivered in one off workshops at the Wiser Academy based in either Andover or Swindon, alternatively we can provide the training ‘in-house’ at your premises or at another suitable location of your choice.

Our face-to-face learning programmes are generally the length of a standard working day (9-5) however; we do offer a variety of different learning solutions. Please use the enquiry form or contact us to discuss your specific requirements and we will do everything we can to accommodate you and your business.

The Management Team

The Training Team


Recruit Wiser

Hiring with a difference!


As the recruitment arm of Wiser Academy we are solely focused on providing our clients with highly skilled and qualified insurance professionals.

How will this benefit your business?
We will source and hire staff for you, train them into qualified insurance professionals with our academy and place them into your business at no extra cost.

  1. Recruit Wiser is born from Wiser Academy, a training provider. So we can include training into our recruitment services.

  2. We don’t charge our recruitment fee for just simply passing on a CV. We can train and place qualified staff.

  3. We have our DNA tracing back to the insurance industry therefore in the best position to find you the most suitable staff for your positions.

So we are adding that extra value by not only finding you the most suitable candidates in the industry for your business but also ensuring they are fully up-skilled qualified insurance professionals who are competent, and possess the right skillsets, behaviours and knowledge to perform their roles efficiently.