Understanding Others

Location: Andover or In-House

Price: From £350 +VAT

Duration: 1 Day

This workshop focuses on the knowledge needed to develop a good understanding of other people.
What makes them tick?
What language (verbal and body) can you use to get the best response and results from your staff?
Learn how to embrace their differences and how to use them to your advantage.
You will also find out more about your own inclinations and how you can adapt this for maximum engagement.

This workshop is vital for the new manager or leader who wants to get a thorough understanding of differing personalities and how these impact on communication.

  • Differing types of personalities
  • Your personal preferences for engagement
  • How to adapt to your communication to suit each personality
  • The effect of words upon different people
  • How this knowledge can affect a positive and lasting change within your organisation
  • Basic diversity requirements
  • Basics of generational differences and how they impact on engagement in the work place

With this unit we we will continue to support you with the following:

  • Personality profiling tool which can be taken back and used with your team

Wiser Academy, Andover: £350 +VAT

In-House: £650 +VAT