Team Management

Location: Andover or In-House

Price: From £350 +VAT

Duration: 1 Day

Congratulations if you have secured yourself a job leading a team!
How do you develop yourself to lead your team? What exactly are your obligations to these people, and how far does your scope of authority rise?
How do you go about creating a culture of trust and respect? Where do you start when creating a new team?
This workshop will assist you in identifying the next important steps you need to take to move forward with success.

This workshop is essential for new team leaders/managers, aspiring team leaders or anyone wanting to refresh their skills

  • Functions and responsibilities of a team leader
  • Limits of authority and accountability and how these are defined
  • Personal skills and abilities for effective team leading
  • Using reflective learning skills to improve performance
  • Setting team expectations
  • Areas of strength and possible improvement
  • Ways of obtaining feedback from others
  • Receiving and responding positively to feedback

With this unit we also provide:

  • Gathering feedback for development on your performance as a team leader

Wiser Academy, Andover: £350 +VAT

In-House: £650 +VAT