Coaching and Feedback

Location: Andover or In-House

Price: From £350 +VAT

Duration: 1 Day

This workshop focuses on the skills you need to support your staff development on a daily basis.
You will be introduced to the fundamentals of coaching and feedback to improve performance.
You will establish the benefits of coaching and feedback for both you, the individual and your organisation.
You will also discover why coaching has risen in popularity over the last few years.

This workshop is ideal for the new manager, leader or anyone who has an interest in coaching to develop personnel.

  • The differences between coaching, training and counselling
  • A simple coaching model to enhance your coaching
  • The benefits of coaching
  • Questioning skills
  • The purpose of the coaching and feedback cycle to develop staff
  • Practical use of a feedback tool to deliver praise, or a corrective message
  • Reactions you may face when delivering corrective feedback

With this unit we also provide:

  • Essential questions for coaching
  • Observations and feedback on your coaching

Wiser Academy, Andover: £350 +VAT

In-House: £650 +VAT