Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy


In accordance with the core values of the board of directors, the Equality and Diversity Policy will comply with the basic principles of ethics, legality, prudence, equality, safety, timeliness, fairness, transparency and simplicity.

Wiser Academy is committed to providing equality of opportunity in training and employment for its delegates, trainers and subcontractors. This commitment is shared and acted on by all Wiser Academy staff and is the overall responsibility of the Head of Wiser Academy and the Board of Directors. We aim to prepare learners for successful life in modern Britain and promote the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different backgrounds, faiths and beliefs. We will provide a safe environment where learners are able to speak out about radicalisation, extremism and harassment.

We are committed to learners knowing how to protect themselves from the risks associated with radicalisation, extremism, forms of abuse, grooming and bullying, including through the use of social media and how well they understand the risks posed by adults.

 What the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy is all about

Wiser Academy will not tolerate unfair treatment, bullying, harassment or discrimination against anyone who learns with us. There are nine characteristics which are deemed as protected. By this we mean:

·         age

·         race

·         disability

·         sex

·         religion or belief

·         sexual orientation

·         pregnancy and maternity

·         gender re-assignment

·         marriage and civil partnership

 If you feel you have been treated unfairly you will be able to make a complaint, have it taken very seriously, and can count on a member of staff supporting you to deal with the problem quickly. If you want to complain you can speak to your Bookings Officer and/or use our complaints procedure.

 How we make the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy work

Assess the impact of policies and procedures to ensure they conform to legislation.

Maintain and regularly review the  Equality & Diversity Strategy and the Equality Objectives with related action plans to implement changes to support equality and diversity improvements.

Ensure that Public Sector Duties are met and exceeded.

Seek to ensure that all actual or potential employees, students, visitors and contractors are treated fairly regardless of age, race, disability, gender reassignment, pregnancy & maternity, religion or belief, sex & sexual orientation.

Ensure that diversity and cultural matters are embedded and promoted in teaching & learning.

Ensure that external partners, contractors and other stakeholders have appropriate equality and diversity philosophies and practices in place and that these are implemented.

 Project the reputation of the organisation as an equal opportunity employer and provider of services. Review analysis of data on ethnicity, disability, gender, age, and other relevant information in order to monitor the implementation of the Policy and take action to promote equality and diversity more effectively.

 Applying the policy for all learners

 1.     All learner will be educated and made awareness of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at their induction and sign-up stages

2.     All learners will be given a copy of Wiser Academy’s E&D and I policy at induction and sign-up stage.  

3.     At each progress review stage this is further reiterated by the trainers and will be embedded ]

4.     Trainer will promote and facilitate an inclusive training environment and encourage all learners to practice.

5.     All learners through their ERR element of the programme is encouraged to research and understand their employer’s policy and practice on equality, diversity and inclusion.

6.     Wiser Academy’s policy is made available online for all learners to access at anytime

7.     The employer representatives are given a copy of the policy and discussed as part of the employer on boarding.

  Applying the policy for all trainer and Wiser Academy staff

 1.     All teaching and non-teaching staff are given a copy of all our policies at their on-boarding stage.

2.     The induction training for all new staff includes training and development on all key policies and an assessment to test understanding

3.     All key policies and other regulatory items such as Safeguarding and Prevent etc are revisited annually by way of training and re-certification

4.     Each standardisation meetings for trainers will always revisit and refresh all key mandatory polices.  

5.     Observation of teaching and learning also promotes the drive and embedding of all key mandatory policies and practices.

6.     The trainer’s development plans and performance appraisals have a specific section to promote the practice and effectives of making these policy central to their operations.



The Academy is committed to reviewing and developing its policy, organisation and arrangements for implementation to ensure that it remains both current and relevant. To achieve this it will document a review process that will be undertaken annually.