The Wiser Academy Learning and Development Consultancy specialises in the design and delivery of bespoke learning, training and coaching solutions.

We know one size does not fit all, and organisations require training solutions that are developed to include their values, needs, brand and image.

These solutions can be developed with a company, department or individual’s needs in mind.

The Wiser Academy prides itself on being able to deliver bespoke learning solutions.

Our learning programmes can be delivered in a variety of formats so they work best for you and your organisation, for example learning bites, full or half days, or lunch & learning.

Just use the enquiry form, or call us, to discuss your specific requirements and we'll do everything we can to accommodate them.

Often in organisations the weakest link is establishing if learning was effective. Too frequently we invest in training and then forget about it; all too often believing it to have developed staff without actually measuring this.

Money needs to be spent wisely, and when its been spent it needs to be a proven worthy investment.

We like to look at the long term embedment of learning and are dedicated to substantiating its value to an organisation.

Here at the Wiser Academy we work with you to evaluate your investment in learning. We analyse the initial reaction, learning, behaviour and then ultimately the business results.

Many years ago having a business coaching programme for a company would have been unusual.

Today, both major corporations and small/medium enterprises use coaching to support their management staff.

In a world of long hours, constant change, people problems, information overload and tough decisions, our coaches have impartiality and can assist in the navigation of these concerns.

It can be lonely at the top and the fundamental advantage of our coaching is that we work through your obstacles in a highly confidential manner.

Some of our clients require a development programme that is suited for delivery to a large audience, numerous times.
We work with your requirements to develop materials that meet this demand and are aligned with business targets and relevant to a diverse audience of staff and managers

Group/Department Level
When a client requires a specific group to be developed, our team will work in collaboration with all stakeholders, including the target audience themselves, to ensure the design is specific to their development needs.

Individual Level
The design required here is often the most work-intensive but also attracts the highest return on investment (ROI).
At this level each individual is recommended a unique programme of short core and elective modules aimed at addressing their specific development needs.

  • Maximise individual performance leading to higher productivity and effectiveness
  • Assist with managing change
  • Crucially helps organisations retain talent
  • Helps prioritise and focus activity
  • Dramatically reduces procrastination and unproductive meetings
  • Gives managers the skills to develop staff personally
  • Improves team work and reduces internal politics
  • Enhances working relationships with colleagues and clients