Wiser Academy places a significant emphasis on customer feedback and views the complaints process as a valuable tool to drive improvements in the quality of its services. The policy of Wiser Academy is to respond to all suggestions, whether positive or negative, in a prompt and courteous manner. All complaints will be treated seriously and with complete confidentiality and we will always maintain the anonymity of the person raising the complaint.

A problem raised can be informal (issue) or formal (complaint). You should try to raise your problem as soon as possible after the event happened. The Academy’s time limit for responding to a problem (whether informally or formally) is 6 months from when the event happened, or 6 months from when you first became aware of the problem.

 What is an issue?

An issue (or informal complaint) is a matter which a customer wants to raise with a member of Academy staff without using the formal complaint process. Issues are usually quick to resolve and unlikely to require an in-depth investigation.

 What is a complaint?

The Academy defines a complaint as an expression of dissatisfaction about:
- The standards of service received from a teaching or support department
- Action or lack of action by the Academy or its staff

 Dealing with issues (informal complaints)

In the first instance issues should be raised with the person who has day-to-day responsibility for the area in which the matter occurs.

The person receiving the issue should make notes on its nature; keep the contact details of the person making the issue and how it was dealt with. The staff member should file these notes safely and confidentially.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied following the response, they should make the complaint formal and adhere to the following process.

 Formal complaints

All formal complaints should be put in writing to:

Training Operations Manager

Wiser Academy

Barratt House

Savoy Close


SP10 2HZ

 Any complaints directed to other Wiser Academy managers will be referred to the Training Operations Manager in the first instance.

+ All formal complaints will be acknowledged by the Training Operations Manager within two working days of receipt.

+ The complaint will be investigated by the appropriate manager and a response to the complainant will be made within ten working days.

+ Upheld complaints must be followed up after a period of 20 working days to check complainant is happy with resolution.


If the complainant is unhappy with the outcome of the formal complaint, a review of the matter may be undertaken by the Chief Executive Officer.

If the complainant is still not satisfied with the outcome following the Chief Executive Officers review, they can send their complaint to;

 Wiser Academy

Barrett House

Savoy Close


SP10 2HZ

 Or email to

The Skills Funding Agency (the monitoring organisation for all other Government funded courses and may be approached if the complainant feels that the Academy’s complaints process has not been followed).

A complaint may be sent in writing to:

The Complaints Team

Education and Skills Funding Agency

Cheylesmore House Quinton Road Coventry, CV1 2WT


 Monitoring and quality assurance

Monthly data summarising compliments, complaints and outcomes will be presented to the Communication & Consultation Group.

Complaints involving Protected Characteristics are monitored and recorded through the annual Equality & Diversity Report.

 Data Protection

In order for a complaint to be investigated satisfactorily, the Academy may require to share information with relevant staff and third parties (for example curriculum managers or the Education & Skills Funding Agency).

Wiser Academy is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998 and operates within the eight principles of Data Protection.