Influence and Negotiation

Location: Andover or In-House

Price: From £250 +VAT

Duration: 1 Day

This workshop takes a look at the influence and negotiation techniques that are available to you.

You will gain awareness of others' tactics for negotiation and you'll be ready to challenge these.

Alongside this you will discover the power of ethically influencing to secure your requirements.

This workshop is for anyone who needs to influence or negotiate with anyone in business.

  • Influencing tactics and how to use this to your advantage
  • Negotiation tactics and their solutions
  • Influence and negotiation pitfalls
  • Preparation is key
  • Barriers to influence and negotiation
  • Six principles of ethical influence
  • Influence model – find out who really has the power
  • Conflict and resolution
  • Levels of power and authority and the impact on negotiation
  • Non-verbal communication and social skills
  • Formal and informal negotiation

Wiser Academy, Andover: £250 +VAT

In-House: £500 +VAT