What is Prevent?

The aim of Prevent is to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. Higher education can help to protect young adults from extremist and violent views in the same ways that they help to safeguard young adults from drugs, gang violence or alcohol

Prevent is one of the four P's that make up the UK government’s post 9/11 counter-terrorism strategy, known as:


What is the Academy’s duties?

The purpose is to protect others from harm and to ensure that young adults are taught in a way that is consistent with the law and Core British values.

There are signs that we can all look for. If you are concerned about a friend or colleague at work, then action should be taken. You will need to speak to your Manager/Personnel Department as soon as you possibly can. 

  • Changes to someone’s emotions (anger, mood swings, short tempered)  
  • Verbal (free speech but new opinions and use of extremist language and fixations)
  • Physical (appearances, change in routine)
  • Psychological (withdrawn, new friends no one else meets)

Did you know these Key Facts & Figures?

  • 142 community based projects were delivered in 2015/16 reaching over 42,000 participants. Over half of these projects were delivered in schools, aimed at increasing young people’s resilience to terrorist and extremist ideologies.
  • Since 2010, 280,000 pieces of illegal terrorist material have been removed from the internet.
  • The Prevent statutory duty has prompted a significant step forward in the delivery of Prevent work in sectors. The number of frontline staff who have received training has increased significantly, with over 800,000 frontline staff, including NHS staff and teachers trained in spotting signs of radicalisation.
  • Since 2012, over 1000 people received support through Channel.
  • More than 150 attempted journeys to the Syria/Iraq conflict area were disrupted in 2015. This includes action by the family courts that protected approximately 50 children from being taken to the conflict area.