Wiser Academy Talk Apprenticeships

Training and development has generally been at the bottom of most companies budgets for many years. The apprenticeship levy has reinforced the importance of raising professionalism across all industries through the right investment in staff.

Established in 2014, Wiser Academy (WA) originally born out of an insurance broker, started its journey by training professional qualifications to other businesses who neither had the time nor resources to do so themselves.

In 2017, the academy is now officially a government approved training provider for apprenticeships in the UK. WA specialise in providing training for the insurance profession and wider financial services sector.

The success of the insurance profession and financial services sector rely on its people. A manufacturer would upgrade its machinery, so why are companies so reluctant to invest in their people?

 In an industry whereby employees are the fundamental asset to organisations, there has never been a better time to begin investing in your employees through apprenticeships.

What can the academy offer your business?

Wiser Academy can provide industry relevant apprenticeship training to your employees and guide you through the maze that is the apprenticeship levy.

The academy can offer your business a tailor made training package specific to your needs and demands with minimal disruption to day-to-day business activities.

Why choose WA?

  • The academy is the only government approved training provider in the financial arena to be born out of an insurance broker.
  • We understand the challenges and opportunities businesses face on a regular basis.
  • Our pass rate for professional qualifications has an unmatched success rate of 98%

For more information please contact Wiser Academy.

Email: wapprenticeships@wiseracdemy.co.uk